About Mackenzie Cowden Fine Jewelry

Mackenzie Cowden Fine Jewelry (MC) believes clients should be able to afford beautiful, high-quality jewelry—and the wedding too. MC offers custom client-collaborated personalized jewelry pieces, as well as predesigned couture creations and affordable sought-after wedding rings. Offerings range from basic designs to complex and intricate high-end custom designs and large carat designs with precious metals.

MC launched for two reasons. First, most fine jewelry is mass-produced, meaning not made for anyone in particular, and is generally expensive. Second, custom designed pieces crafted in collaboration with the client are typically beyond the budget of most buyers. MC solves both problems by providing buyers budget friendly, predesigned and custom-made jewelry at highly affordable prices.

Mackenzie Cowden Fine Jewelry has been in business going on two decades. Based in Dallas, Texas, MC has clients all over the country as well as internationally. All jewelry is completely manufactured in the USA, and we pride ourselves in using only non-conflict diamonds and gemstones.



When purchasing or designing a piece of jewelry for a special occasion or event, the first and most important step is to develop a relationship with the best jeweler possible. Below are several of the reasons that clients come to MC for their first piece and then come back again and again.

Frequently Asked Questions


One of the biggest problems in the jewelry industry is that most jewelry is mass-produced, impersonal, and overpriced. This means you can end up spending an arm and a leg just to show up at a party wearing the same thing as someone else. MC creates a piece with you in mind and at a budget-friendly price lower than most retail choices. Our products and delivery have been built on a “design model” to minimize overhead, number of employees, number of locations, and minimal retail expenses without jeopardizing the design, quality, or brilliance.

Along with our business model, our lead designer is also an expert in a multitude of specialties, including metallurgy, gemology, and CAD design. This allows for fewer needed staff, lowering the cost of labor which is directly reflected in creating our affordable pricing. MC’s model and strategy allow the highest quality products to be up to 40% lower in overall pricing.

Range of Offerings

MC offers a wide variety of options. Metals include but are not limited to sterling silver, continuum silver, argentium silver, 14k and 18k white and yellow gold, 24k yellow gold, and platinum. We use all jewelry grade semiprecious to precious gemstones, moissanite, and of course, lab-grown and natural diamonds. Our designs range from basic structures of solid wedding bands to intricate forms and overlays like lace-inspired designs and ornate filigree.


Types of Offerings

We create all types of typical jewelry, from earrings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, and rings to more non-standard jewelry like tiaras and COVID-19 mask ornaments. We can create anything you can dream of, and some that you can hardly imagine.

Buyer-Friendly Process

Where most jewelry purchases start with a pre-made set of choices displayed by a commissioned-based salesperson, the MC approach is quite the opposite. The first step of the buying process starts with a creative consultation and design layout.

Sketching is always the initial step to creating a design. However, a 2D representation is not the best method to capture the full picture of how your finished piece will look. We use computer-aided design to show you a 3D representation of your piece. You will be able to see every side and detail exactly the way it will look when you receive it. We also offer an upgrade option of a wax replica that you can hold in your hands, try on, and keep. We want you to know exactly what you are getting, so you feel comfortable that what you want is exactly what the designer is envisioning for you. From the initial planning meeting and hearing your dream to first wearing your piece, MC follows a seven-phase process to help you, the client, design, choose, and create jewelry that fits your lifestyle and captures your story.


At MC, we pride ourselves on delivering the utmost quality and care with each piece we create. We hold every piece to extremely high standards, and each creation must endure and pass our regimented assessment process. We employ a “Three-Point Quality” system that ensures quality of design, quality of work, and after purchase, quality care and support.


Most people purchasing jewelry buy from salespeople who are experts in selling what they offer but not in understanding all aspects of jewelry. MC is different because the expertise is in the crafting, design, and process. For example, the lead designer is not only an artist and designer, but a master metallurgist, CAD expert, and GIA accredited Graduate Gemologist. Each design is scrutinized for metal stability, framework, and structure, while gemstones are carefully picked to maximize color, light play, structural integrity, and ethical sourcing.



The MC team and it's experts have been designing and crafting jewelry for 20-plus years shaping and honing their expertise. We work with all metals and jewelry-grade gemstones from all over the world. The team continues to master and earn designations from CAD programs, GIA certifications, metalsmithing, etc.

Our staff has mastered all types of jewelry craftsmanship, from handmade techniques like stringing pearls, wire wrapping, and enameling to the high-tech production methods of 3D printing and lost-wax casting. Every medium has been utilized, including lava, bone, obscure metals, meteorites, and more. We pride ourselves in the wide range of knowledge accumulated that allows us to deliver the fine quality of jewelry for which we are known.

Design and Creativity Skills

Creativity is one of the most prized skills that MC employs. We want each piece to breathe originality and deter the mundane and overused styles of mass-produced jewelry. We pride ourselves on ingenuity and like to think outside the box to give each client a unique but functional piece. Our designs are imaginative and inventive and have the ability to come together to create one-of-a-kind pieces. With an artistic and resourceful nature, MC produces wearable art with next-level designs.

Our designers have cultivated their expertise and processes to consistently capture a client’s visions. Their capabilities have been sharpened over years of experience listening to client words, ideas, and on occasion, sample photos to come up with unique layouts, drawings, and idea patterns to turn thoughts into tangible dreams.

Ethically Sourced

At MC, we pride ourselves on our ethical sourcing of all our gemstones. Ethically sourced gems have fair humanitarian mining practices regarding wages and conditions when sourcing for raw stones. We only use mines that are in compliance with stringent labor and environmental regulations. This ensures that there is no forced labor, workers are paid fair wages, working conditions are safe, and above all, no child labor.


Conflict-Free Gemstones

A high percentage of gems and materials from around the world come from areas in conflict. We ONLY use stones that are proven to have NOT financed civil wars or contributed in any way to the dark history of blood diamonds or conflict gemstones. By only using non-conflict stones, it helps to ensure that the deplorable practice of funding war with nature’s most beautiful products finally dies out.

100% Crafted in the USA

All items are produced with quality metal and are manufactured entirely in the USA. Designs are made and assembled in-house to suit each client and not the other way around. An on-staff GIA Graduate Gemologist handpicks and inspects each stone ensuring perfection and brilliance with every stone. The utmost care and excellence go into each piece, bringing you the finest American craftsmanship possible.